Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Three Weeks Ago...

Three weeks ago, I couldn't tell you how many milliliters were in an ounce; my laundry did not consist of mostly tiny pink things; and my days were not divided into two hour increments or measured in bottles and dirty diapers.

Three weeks ago, I had no clue how to operate a Diaper Genie (and still really don't...); I ate meals and typed using both hands; and Johnson's Baby Cream was not part of my daily beauty regimen.

Three weeks ago, I didn't know what the weight of a tiny person asleep on my chest felt like; and I didn't realize I could spend minutes upon minutes upon hours just watching someone breathe.

Three weeks ago, I didn't know how much my heart could expand or how incomplete my life was until now.

Three weeks ago, February 23rd started off as just another day...
Until my life changed forever...
Just three weeks ago...

Happy three weeks to my sweet Catherine. It's amazing what can change in just a few weeks!

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  1. Loooooove this post!

    Welcome to mommyhood!