Monday, January 24, 2011

31 weeks, 31 pounds

As of Friday, I am in my 31st week of pregnancy. As of my doctor's appointment this morning, I have gained 31 pounds. Wow. Considering the fact that my doctor suggested I gain anywhere from 25-30 pounds throughout MY WHOLE PREGNANCY, I think I'm a little off track.

Baby C's heart rate is great, my blood pressure is good, and I passed the dreaded glucose test with flying colors; however, this new not-working-thus-eating-everything lifestyle is not working in my body's favor. I know I should be exercising. Every article I read, every email on pregnancy I get, every book by my bed tells me I should be exercising daily, so why is this such a difficult concept for me? My latest cravings have been avocados and peaches. I drink water by the gallon. I eat spinach daily. Yet still, I expand at a rapid pace.

Before pregnancy, I always swore I would be one of those ultra fit women to whom people say things like, "You are all belly! How do you do it?" To which I would reply," Oh, it's nothing," as if I were naturally the perfect maternity model. This is so much easier said than done. When the 2nd trimester is filled with cravings for fast food, ice cream, and donuts, the scale just doesn't lie.

Yoga is not cutting it alone and I need to get my butt outside (in the COLD) and take a walk... or something like that. If you see me in the neighborhood, wave!  I'll be the giant woman in spandex gasping for breath. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

In the Still, In the Quiet Place...

My favorite time of day has become the moments just before I fall asleep when all around me is still and dark, the dog and cat are curled at our feet, and the only sound that fills the room is that of my white noise phone app. It is in these moments, as Husband has already drifted off to sleep and I am alone with my thoughts that little C comes to life. While I hate that her Daddy can't feel her tiny kicks yet, I can't help but love this special time we have with just the two of us. For just a little while, she moves and I am the only one who can respond. 

It is strange to think that she has been inside me for 31 weeks now. In the time it takes for the blistering summer to fade to fall and then to this bleak, gray winter, I have grown a little girl to almost full term. We only have a couple months left at best before her arrival and our worlds are forever altered. Only a few more weeks for me to scrub baseboards, and make burp cloths, and start smocking again. Only a few more weeks of feeling those tiny kicks inside me instead of watching them in real life before my eyes. For just a few more evenings, I share a special bond with my daughter that no one else in the world can, and for this, I embrace the quiet. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

When the Bow Breaks...

At 4:03 a.m., I was jolted awake by a falling sensation accompanied by the sound of cracking wood. Thinking I was having yet another crazy pregnancy dream, Husband tried to calm me back to sleep; but, as I hoisted myself off our bed for a bathroom trip, I felt the bed drop and heard the cracking sound again. 

Yep. The pregnant girl broke the bed. And not while doing anything fun.

Upon inspection, we realized that the sideboard of our platform bed had splintered around the metal piece that once attached it to the headboard, sending my side of the bed to the ground. While this is most likely the result of having disassembled and reassembled this bed for multiple moves and having misplaced some center support pieces that are apparently of great importance, it was nonetheless a little ironic and insulting that it was my side that broke and not that of my 6'4" husband. Really? Let the fat jokes commence...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Downward Dog, Outward Belly

Let me preface this by saying that, while I once considered myself to be "athletic" and "in shape," that ship has sailed. This former dancer, cheerleader, and 400 meter dash sprinter has turned into an occasional, less often than not, exerciser. I now sporadically walk, do a push up and some crunches, stretch before bed and call it a day. I consider cleaning and laundry cardio. I do not enjoy working out in gyms (as my thrice cancelled Y membership confirms). Classes make me feel inferior and super self conscious and, as narcissistic as it may sound, I am convinced that I am being watched and judged while I use the weight lifting equipment because I must be doing it wrong.

So, I decided that in preparation for Catherine's arrival (and because I would prefer to not be the size of a house), I would at least attempt to get back in shape. 

Thus I did a search for "prenatal workout dvd" on Amazon, read some reviews and settled on The Perfect Pregnancy Workout, Volumes 1 and 2. At least then my awkwardness will be viewed only by the dog and cat and I can pause and take a water break at will. Having ordered these well over a month ago and having carried them in my luggage over holiday travels as if that would entice me to open them, I thought I should finally take off the shrink wrap and give Volume 2 a try. "No Volume 1?" you may ask. Well, Volume 2 is yoga where Volume 1 is body sculpting designed by a Cirque de Soleil star. Scary. I think I'll ease into that one.

Yoga is instructed by scary body sculptor's equally buff, but less intense twin sister. She is much more my style. The entire workout lasts one hour and is broken down into beginner and advanced versions of each pose. I took a hit to my pride and went with the beginner versions this time which include a chair for assistance. It was a good decision.

The workout begins with simple prayer poses done while seated in a chair (for the beginners) but then increases in difficulty as you balance, stretch, and squat with a protruding belly added to the mix. It. is. not. easy. Downward dog is a little more difficult with Catherine hanging in there for the ride. In case you would like a visual, I am now in my 28th week:
28 weeks (12-31-10)
I don't have unrealistic goals when it comes to pregnancy weight. I will gain weight. I will not look like I always have. I will struggle with fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes after Catherine is born. But, hopefully, with yoga and a little cardio (more than the usual household chores), I will prepare myself to be the healthiest mommy I can be and maybe make labor a little easier on myself. And maybe, just maybe, this will cure my case of Ken doll syndrome. Who knows? I may love this series so much that I order the The Perfect Postnatal Workout for later!