Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We did it! We have officially moved! Throughout college and after, I have moved countless times. Some with actual moving companies, others with Dad driving a giant rental truck and the rest of the family serving as our "movers." You'd think I would be an expert by now. This is not the case. Moving across town was quite an ordeal (even with a moving company). I have no clue why we have so much "stuff" and from where it all derived; and I have no clue how people move across the country (Melissa and Justin, I am unbelievably impressed). Thankfully, my parents were there to help us with moving, cleaning, and organizing. I don't think I thank them enough for how helpful they are in all areas of life. Especially now as I cannot carry anything and feel the need to rest after every 25 minutes of intense activity, rendering me basically useless on moving day. As I am closer and closer to joining the many ranks of parents who have come before me, I am grateful that I have such strong examples. I only hope I can compare to the parents I am blessed to have.


 The house has come a long way since we purchased it only three weeks ago. There were some pretty special paint colors and techniques used as well as some fabulous taste in carpet and an apparent DIY decking project gone awry. After repainting the entire house, ripping out carpet and replacing with hardwood, rebuilding the deck, and tiling the carpeted bathroom and "man" room, this house has slowly become ours. Give us a few more months of hanging artwork, changing light fixtures and adding furniture (nursery furniture to be more specific) and we will be ready for baby Ryan's arrival.

The Ryans are officially home.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Memories in Cardboard

In less than 36 hours movers will arrive to pack all of our earthly possessions into a giant truck which they will drive across town and unload into our first house as a married couple. This is the house to which we will bring baby Ryan home. The house in which he or she will take their first steps, utter their first words, fear their first monster under their bed. Christmas morning will be in this house. Every morning will be in the house.

So I carefully wrap the painting of an Abercrombie and Fitch perfume bottle that my sister painted for me for my high school graduation. She hates that I still hang it in my house. She cringes every time she sees it as years of classes and practice have blossomed her talent into that of a true artist. But when I see it, I see my baby sister painting it with my Aunt Debbie and my heart is full. I wrap my wedding photos that my parents carefully chose and had printed on canvas and framed. I smile as I am reminded of how many wonderful friends and family celebrated that day with us and how lucky I am to get to spend my life married to my best friend. I wrap my paintings by my Aunt Deb, some of my most prized possessions, remembering the occasion for which each one was painted. I pack my sewing machine, a gift from Nana and Big Daddy with which I will make baby clothes... and toddler clothes... and Halloween costumes... and anything else for years to come. I wrap beer steins from around the world, a small token of Grandma and Poppy's world travels. I glance at the folded highchair, the first purchase of ours for baby Ryan, and I see our future.

And as I pack box after box of seemingly meaningless possessions, I find their isn't enough bubble wrap to protect all of the memories I associate with all of them. My life is so very full. Full of beautiful people and beautiful memories and there are only more years of celebration and life to look forward to. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The 16th Week

Saturday was my 16 week mark. There is not a HUGE baby bump, but a bump nonetheless. I am definitely starting to feel more pregnant as the weeks progress. I noticed this as I was forced to take breaks every 15 minutes while packing last night. That's right! WE ARE MOVING SATURDAY!

So my 16 weeks pregnant self starting packing last night. Not being able to lift anything over 20 pounds makes packing a small feat. As I packed a box, I pretty much left it exactly where it was, creating a cardboard maze in my living room and kitchen. At least the cat is amused. Tonight, I take on the china cabinet. Thankfully, I have enlisted the help of Heather and anyone else who volunteers to assist. I pay in wine. 

This 16th week may challenge the control freak in me as I learn to sit back and watch others DO while I simply direct from the sidelines. The sidelines are not a place I prefer to be. Thank God for movers, family, and friends to help us get settled! But this time next week, I will be sitting in our new house, staring at the empty nursery, and counting down the days until we will know if baby Ryan is a girl or boy!

This life of ours is changing very quickly and I am loving every minute of it (even the packing).

Friday, October 8, 2010

Behold, the Belly Band

At 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow, my belly is growing to the point where it can no longer be mistaken for a large lunch or a beer binge.  I, of course, think I am huge because it is my body that I watch expand daily. But in reality, I’m not quite big enough for most maternity clothes yet. So, here I live, somewhere in the in between stage of pre-pregnancy clothes and maternity.
I feel as if I am the host of a late-night infomercial each time someone asks me how my clothes are fitting. I announce with excitement, “Oh, it’s the Belly Band!” and lift the bottom of my shirt to reveal the black spandex that allows me to get dressed for work each morning. (“Pants too tight? Tired of struggling with those buttons? Is getting dressed exhausting?! You need the Belly Band!”) It’s a simple spandex concoction designed to replace the need for buttoning or zipping pants or skirts. Truthfully, it is a glorious invention, falling only behind the wheel and light beer.  Why limit only to pregnancy? The makers of the Belly Band are truly missing a large target audience. They should set up booths outside of Krispy Kreme and Weight Watchers. (I plan to suggest this to the company.)
Of the maternity clothes I have deemed appropriate for my current state of limbo are the beautiful GAP maternity jeans! Combine the waistband of your most comfortable sweat pants with your favorite stretch jeans and you have maternity jeans: business below, party at the waist. Perfectly in time for the overeating of the holidays completely guilt-free.
I may never go back.